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Honey's Ministries International, a not for profit, social enterprise that helps to aspire, transform and sustain the lives of individuals with pride and purpose.  We strive to provide the tools for each individual to overcome the social economic problems through a holistic approach. Honey's Ministries International is a non denomenational Christian ministry that has a visible social and economic impact to unite families, stabilize neighborhoods, created vibrant and viable communities.

Our Goal

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our community and empowering our fellow man through the teachings and mentoring of Jesus Christ.

Through our work and the grace of the Lord, we hope to build a brighter, more fruitful community and a wonderfully more loving world for all with the focus on shelter, food and education.

Called to act locally and think globally, we are to help restore community and family bonds, acting as a positive influence to youth and adults.

Our Vision

Our Purpose